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The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Service

The cost of hiring a moving service will vary from one company to the next, and can also be affected by the time of year and distance traveled. However, if you do some preparation ahead of time, you can cut costs by hiring a moving company on the right days of the year and by thinning out your possessions.

Before hiring a moving service, be sure to check the company’s insurance coverage and licensing. You should also check whether the company is registered with the USDOT. The USDOT number is necessary for moving interstate, and the company must have a valid license. You can also check with other customers to see if the company is honest and reliable.

Some moving companies hire third parties to pack your goods and crate them. These third parties will charge you for their services, which is taxable. The cost of these services is typically included in the overall moving service price. It is important to check with the moving company regarding the tax implications of these fees. Moving companies can also charge you extra for unpacking your items at the new location.

Another benefit of hiring a moving company is that they will take inventory of your belongings before moving them. A reputable moving company will do this either in person or through a virtual survey. A good mover will make sure that everything is packed properly, including outdoor items. This way, they can give you a reliable estimate, and you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for a moving company with flexible hours. Companies with flexible hours often offer additional services, such as late-night or weekend services. Some may even provide insurance coverage for damaged items. These companies are a great option for those who don’t want to hire a full-service moving company.

Finding a reliable moving service can be daunting. The most common complaints against moving companies relate to lost, damaged, or incomplete moves. While most of these issues are avoidable, they can cause a lot of stress on moving day. To avoid this, make sure you vet the moving service before hiring them. If you hire a legitimate company, it will be happy to give you an estimate and specific dates for the move.

If you’re planning a large move, a moving company will know how to wrap and protect fragile objects and items from damage. They are trained to handle specialized equipment. In addition, moving services will not charge you extra for mileage. If the relocation is during peak seasons, you might pay extra for travel. However, if you’re moving on a limited budget, you can choose a packing service.

In addition to packing, a moving company can also take care of transportation and furniture assembly. They also offer long-distance moving services and can transport customers to just about anywhere in the US and Canada. In addition, they can also ship household items to more than 150 countries around the world. The most common methods of long-distance moving include rental trucks and moving containers. Alternatively, you can use a car shipping company and rent a storage unit.

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