Looking Back And Not Repeating The Same Mistake

Recently, I was with the subject I am covering here, and I was thinking along creases: To successfully invest or speculate, you need to where you went wrong in case you failed, and do your better not to repeat a similar mistakes. Even better, to ensure success, you have to purely do what works for the right time, in the correct way. I, personally imagine that is the hardest thing about any investment of any type.

Genuine success regardless of the sort depends on knowing every inch of failure and how not to ever do it again should you did it after you attempted to succeed. If you can know that statement, you are able to genuinely get somewhere. If you count on initial luck along with the “luck in the draw” in success, you truly will get nowhere. In short, truth is understanding fully tips on how to fail instead of doing it, and instead doing why is for genuine success. After all, people judge you for sure successes, not the countless temporary misunderstandings and failures that resulted in that ultimate real success.

In that sense, “We all want to win, but who wants to train?” assumes a brand old meaning. Failure, properly used may be the ultimate stepping stone to genuine success, specially in investing, futures, and this type of thing and beyond.

I remember Thomas Edison and his awesome quote that “I discovered ten thousand ways to not invent the lighting bulb, the other way to do it.” That may be the reality of genuine success in investing, playing poker or anything requiring cognitive knowledge of when to behave, when to not act, when you should pull back and when you ought to go forward. In brief, there are lots of ways to lose, but only one genuine method to win ultimately after understanding all those approaches to lose: You work by way of success. You do not rely on luck, you never worship initially making it through “luckily”, success comes using trial and error understanding work. For those that think I am a pessimist instead of the ultimate optimist to understand the nature of games requiring investment and future commodities of the sort within a genuine ultimate capitalist way, almost always there is the Bernard “Bernie” Madoff means of faking it and soon you genuinely fail, or doing what can be done to really succeed (like the greatest genuine capitalist I am), which I genuinely prefer. Doing the required steps really, includes not so much skill, but understanding how to have success by finding every approach to fail until success is definite. Why do you think that Jason “Jay” Gould died a dysfunction technically, and Abraham Lincoln is remembered as one of our greatest Presidents with the United States, because within his life, he found every method to fail until he did succeed while Gould, though successful operational most of his life scrimp at crucial moments rather then failing smartly. I get it. Gould died of your heart attack through the stress of maintenance, Lincoln needed to be taken out by an assassin on the January 6th, 2021 sort that wanted attention within a sorry way. I get it: Win the proper way, if not suffer a fate “getting away with it” offers you in the mirror if nobody immediately knows whatever you lied about or attempted cheating at.

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